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ILD Meeting 2019

Luís Rosa<br>Country Clinical Leader, Portugal<br>Organising Committee MemberLuís Rosa
Country Clinical Leader, Portugal
Organising Committee Member


Dear Colleagues,

It is my great privilege, as Country Clinical Leader for Affidea in Portugal, to announce the upcoming scientific event in October on the topic of Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD). 

This is Affidea's second event in Portugal following a workshop on dementia organised last year. 

As the Head of Affidea's clinical activities in Portugal, it is my intention to promote, among other initiatives, an annual event of major importance such as the one I am announcing today. 

Affidea is the biggest pan-european diagnostic provider, present in 16 European countries, focused on creating value supported by a learning culture, new ideas and innovation, committed to provide the best quality medical care. 

In Portugal Affidea runs seventeen diagnostic centers and is the sole provider of radiology services in three public and one private hospitals; besides, we have a strong presence in teleradiology through the country, since 2008. 

We are focused on achieving the highest standards of clinical care in the different settings in which we operate and for that reason we consider  of utmost importance the continuous pushing forward of our technical and medical teams. We are also driven by the ambition of having a role in the improvement of the knowledge of the medical community in the country, concerning the complex and always changing field of diagnostic imaging. 

In this regard, I have counted, and will certainly count in future occasions, on the great support of Affidea's International structure where I would like to honourably mention Prof. Rowland Illing, Chief Medical Officer of Affidea,  Dr. Trevor Sparks, Clinical Development Group Leader and Dr. Nasia Papachristodoulou, Clinical Governance Leader of the group, without whose support it would be impossible to organise an event of this magnitude.  

I would additionally like to especially thank this meeting's scientific committee, on the persons of Dr. Diana Penha e Dr. Rosana Santos, whose efforts and enthusiasm have been outstanding.The organisation of this event by this team is an expression of the local as well international prestige of these young lady doctors whom, by their own merit, have succeeded in bringing together to this event some of the most acclaimed specialists on ILD . 

I also would like to express my gratitude to the Country Manager, Dr. Miguel Santos, for all the support and encouragement, in particular for his understanding of the importance of continual medical education as a means to ensure the quality of clinical care. 


On the behalf of AffideaPortugal, I look forward to seeing you in Cascais. 


Luís Rosa

Luís Rosa 

Country Clinical Leader, Portugal 

Organising Committee Member

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